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Ukrainian` home-schooling concerns refugee advocates

By Emily Heffter Times Snohomish County bureau One visit to his daughter`s public high school was enough to convince Lynnwood pastor Vladimir Monich that home- schooling would be better. He saw «all the people walking around half-naked or whatever,» said … Читать далее

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Congressman Steny H. Hoyer about Boris Perchatkin

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Sacramento newspaper about Aleksandr Shevchenko’s church «House of Bread»

This is an article from Sacramento newspaper «Sacramento bee» of December 26th, 2010 about widely known Ukrainian-Russian pastor Alexandr Shevchenko (Александр Шевченко) of a neopentecostal church «House of bread» in Sacramento. Spiritual bread for a new generation On a dark, … Читать далее

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Comparisons between The Majority (KJV) and Minority (NIV) Texts

Richard Anthony This chart will compare the difference between the Minority Text (which are based upon mainly 2 corrupted New Testament manuscripts) and the Majority Text (which are based upon over 5,000 New Testament manuscripts). For this study, the King … Читать далее

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U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom congratulates Boris Perchatkin on the twentieth anniversary of emigration from the USSR

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom 800 North Capitol Street, NW Suite 790 Washington, DC 20002 Dear Boris. I wish to congratulate you on the twentieth anniversary of emigration from the Soviet Union after decades of persecution for religious belief. … Читать далее

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SERIES: HE IS ALIVE! AND HE IS STILL ALIVE! By Ron Ritchie Many of us here have had the privilege of studying the history of the Christian church. We have seen both the blessings and the persecution of the followers … Читать далее

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Boris Perchatkin testimony to US commission on security and cooperation in Europe

Testimony :: Boris Perchatkin President — American-Russian Relief Committee Print Dear ladies and gentleman! The American Russian Relief Center requests that you take notice of the condition of former non-registered Pentecostal Churches in Russia.

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